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Laguna Beach, CA (July 22, 2016) Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate who has been drawing double-digit support in public opinion polls, will appear on "Inside OC with Rick Reiff." Johnson is scheduled to appear on an episode that begins airing Friday, July 29.

"The high negatives of the two major party candidates have heightened interest in Johnson, and could catapult him into the presidential debates," said Reiff. "I want Johnson to explain what his party stands for and how he hopes to impact this election."

The show will include two firsts for "Inside OC" a studio audience and a special airing on commercial television.

KDOC, the Anaheim-based station serving the entire Los Angeles market, will air the half-hour show at 6:30 PM on Sunday, July 31. Additionally, the Johnson interview will premier at 6:30 PM Friday, July 29, on PBS SoCal's Plus channel. After those airings, the show will run in the usual time slots seven times on PBS SoCal channels, four times on Cox channels beginning Tuesday, July 2.

The current plan is for a second segment featuring audience questions to run on YouTube, and possibly to air later.

"I want to thank Judge Jim Gray, the Libertarian vice-presidential candidate four years ago, for helping to arrange Johnson's appearance," Reiff said. "I also want to thank KDOC general manager John Manzi for this support of public affairs programming, and as always, thanks to my colleagues at PBS SoCal."

Updated July 25, 2016

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